Eckankar Event Offerings

Have you ever wondered what your spiritual purpose might be?

Why are you here? To make sense of the world around you? These are questions that many people spend their life searching for the answers. To help you with your spiritual quest, the following online ECK spiritual events are offered for your benefit.

Experience HU
The Sound of Soul

In this special one hour Eckankar online event, guests are welcomed as friends to experience a 20 minute HU Chant, followed by an open, relaxed spiritual conversation. HU is an ancient and sacred name for God—a carrier of love between Soul and God. It can uplift people of any religion or culture. Chanting HU helps to raise our spiritual consciousness, to connect us with Divine Spirit, and to create a better, happier, and more contented life for ourselves.  It can bring:

  • Comfort, peace, and calm
  • A subtle sense of divine love
  • Expanded awareness
  • A release of fears
  • Healing of the heart
  • Answers to our questions
  • Miracles in our life

You do not have to leave your current religion to benefit from HU.  Singing HU can make it even better for you.

So, come and enjoy the HU Chant and a chance to share your spiritual experiences, ask questions, and chat with other spiritual adventurers.

“As Soul, you have the God Knowledge within you. The teachings of ECK will awaken the knowledge and love for the divine things that are already in your heart.”

Sri Harold Klemp
ECK Light and Sound Service

The ECK Light and Sound Service welcomes guests to this special celebration of the Light and Sound of God, bringing more insight and divine love into their lives. This uplifting, one hour event will give you the opportunity to reflect on and connect with the Light and Sound of God, the divine aspect within you. You will hear inspiring stories, experience the HU Chant, and be able to talk with other like-hearted spiritual Souls.

“The Light and Sound of God are two aspects of the Holy Spirit that equal divine love. The highest form of love that you can bring into your life is through the Light and Sound.”

Sri Harold Klemp - HU, The Most Beautiful Prayer
Spiritual Book Discussions

These online classes are based on ECK books.  Members share experiences, ask questions, or simply listen as the group explores keys to spiritual freedom.  If you would like to attend one session as an observer, please contact us at:

Spiritual Study Classes (Satsang)

Satsang class is a spiritual gathering of spiritual students led by a teacher of ECK classes to study and review the ECK discourses.  The purpose of Satsang is to help each person in class find their own relationship with divine spirit.  If you would like to attend one session as an observer, please contact us at:

Public Events Calendar

Click the link below to see our calendar of planned online ECK events in Thailand.  Whether in a Sound of Soul event, an ECK Light and Sound Service, a spiritual class, an ECK book discussion, a workshop, or other ECK sponsored activities, you may join other like-minded Souls interested in discussing their spiritual purpose and exploration.  Welcome to Eckankar in Thailand.  May you enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

“You are Soul. Special. One of a kind. So love yourself, love God, and love others. That’s what your stay in this place is to help you learn. So look around and say thank you for all the blessings.”

Sri Harold Klemp - The Living Word